So what does a urophiliac get out of it?It turns out

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replica bags from china Are golden showers a type of perversion? Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Donald Trump has decried it a ‘POLITICAL WITCH HUNT’, but sensational reports about his alleged ‘perverted sexual acts’ in a Moscow hotel have rocked his ascendancy to the White House.Of the unsubstantiated claims, it’s perhaps those relating to the President elect’s supposed penchants which have captured the public imagination.’Watersportgate’, ‘PEETUS’ and ‘Yes wee can’ are just some of the phrases and monikers which have emerged since the unverified dossier was, ahem, leaked.Whatever the truth behind the documents, ‘urophilia’ (also known as undinism, golden shower and watersports) is cheap replica handbags under the spotlight.Golden showers: replica Purse Perverted conduct? Urophilia, when a person is sexually aroused with the sight or thought of urine, is a type of paraphilia which is bear with us an unusual sexual interest.(Image: AFP)Regardless of Trump’s alleged motivations behind his alleged decision to have prostitutes allegedly urinate over the joint, from a psychological purse replica handbags stance, urophilia is not a “perversion”.”There is nothing in psychological literature which suggests people who are into golden showers have any deficiencies,” Dr Mark Griffiths tells MirrorOnline.Dr Griffiths, a chartered psychologist and Professor of Behavioural Addiction at Nottingham Trent University, is an expert in areas of abnormal, social and health Replica Bags psychology with particular emphasis on behavioural addictions, including paraphilias.In a blog post titled, ” Urine demand: A beginner’s guide to urophilia ” Dr Griffiths examines this fetish in full.Your first question regarding urophilia might very well be, “why though?” Wee is waste and any erotic attachment to bathroom habits seemingly goes against everything how we;re taught to view and treat many of our bodily functions.So what does a urophiliac get out of it?It turns out, there is still a lot to learn about a urophiliac’s motivation.What Dr Griffith’s research does Handbags Replica state is, “it appears urophilia is mostly likely associated with sadomasocism.”Dr Griffiths also points out how, in a 1982 medical journal, it was found “urine fulfilled many different functions for urophiles. “Urophiliacs typically derive sexual pleasure from urinating on (and / or being urinated upon by) another person,” writes Dr Griffiths. In fact, paraphilias tend to be more prevalent in men, Dr Griffiths explains.It’s not just the act itself which may be sexually stimulating for urophilicas.The research continues.But one point Dr Griffiths was keen to stress was how, when it comes high quality replica handbags to paraphiliacs, with some notable examples (necrophilia, paedophilia amongst others), “there is nothing untoward about that person.”If it’s consensual and it doesn’t cross certain boundaries then, morally, I have no problem with that at all.”. replica bags from china

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