First, the world’s goals for ending energy poverty have to be

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canada goose coats on sale By Judith Graham Kaiser Health News December 14, 2017Navigating Agingfocuses on medical issues and advice associated with aging and end of life care, helping America’s 45 million seniors and their canada goose outlet montreal families navigate the health care system.Join the Navigating Aging Facebook Group.Ask Edith Smith, a proud 103 year old, about her friends, and she’ll give you an earful.There’s Johnetta, 101, whom she’s known for 70 years and who has Alzheimer’s disease. “I canada goose jacket outlet call her every day and just say ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ She never knows, but she says hi back, and I tease her,” Smith said.There’s Katie, 93, whom Smith met during a long teaching career with the Chicago Public Schools. “Every day we have a good conversation. canada goose coats on sale

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buy canada goose jacket cheap This is no small task. canada goose outlet niagara falls Today, nearly 300 million Indians out of 1.2 billion people worldwide live without access to electricity. Asa result, they cannot benefit from the power that lights our homes, brings information to our fingertips, refrigerates vaccines that protect us from diseases, and lets our children study longer.And, perhaps canada goose discount uk most importantly, they are unable to use electricity as a means to lift themselves out of poverty and enter the modern economy.The 24×7 power for all goose outlet canada vision is inspiring, because as we’ve so often canada goose factory outlet seen, where India leads, the world follows.But for either to succeed in transforming energy poverty into economic prosperity, we need to be open to embracing change in setting global goals, in partnering with the private sector, and in choosing our approaches toward achieving universal electrification.First, the world’s goals for ending energy poverty have to be more ambitious.Today the most common baseline metric for whether someone has ‘access to modern electricity’ is defined as 100 kilowatt hours per person per year canada goose outlet las vegas in urban areas and half of that for rural areas which is barely enough to light a single lightbulb for five hours a day and charge a mobile phone.It doesn’t measure quality, reliability or predictability buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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