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A perfect Persian cuisine is not easily available in California. This is where Red Rose Kitchen Catering comes into picture. Perfectly cooked Persian food in San Jose is a very rare thing. Democrats have proposed a number of ways to expand Social Security benefits. Hillary Clinton has publicly embraced two of them expanding benefits for lower income widows and unpaid caregivers.As with most of her other proposals, Clinton plans to raise taxes on the rich to pay for it.Here’s what she backs:Give more generous benefits to lower income widowsToday, when one spouse in a retired couple dies, the surviving spouse sees a drop in what had been their joint monthly Social Security income.For example, say a couple receives $2,400 a month in combined benefits $1,200 for each spouse based on their individual earnings records. When one spouse dies, the other would only receive $1,200 or 50% of the couple’s joint benefits.Even though the surviving spouse’s expenses may drop somewhat, they’re unlikely to drop by half.For couples whose individual benefits are not identical, the surviving spouse would receive a monthly check that typically represents 60% to 70% of the couple’s joint income from the program.Clinton would like to bolster what widows or widowers get to ensure they don’t experience financial hardship or fall into poverty simply by virtue of a partner dying, according to a campaign official.How much she’d do so isn’t clear.

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best replica designer bags Hot tea is a common cold time staple because it’s soothing on the throat, but there may be more benefit to this than originally thought. Black Fake Designer Bags tea contains a small amino acid called L theanine, which may help to support the immune system. A small study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found an increase in interferon, which helps to fight infection in subjects who drank five cups of black tea each day. best replica designer bags

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