very important glampers (V.I.G)

Children are Very Important Glampers to all of us here at Tiarasa Escapes. In this modern age of digital connectivity we believe in the importance of connecting with each other and weaving a wonderful web with family and friends. Our team take pride in guiding V.I.G.s through an early engagement with nature and helping them create memories that will last a lifetime.

V.I.G Gifts

Each V.I.G is gifted with a pet fish upon arrival. We trust that having a little friend to look after will help V.I.Gs settle quickly into our Tiarasa home. Each V.I.G will also be gifted with a magical scrapbook to record their stories and the beginning of their lifelong love affair with mother nature.

We organize a programme of traditional group games like congkak and batu seremban for V.I.G.s. There are also gunny sack races and rousing bouts of tug-of-war where everyone is invited to come along and join in the cheering.

V.I.G programmes

We have art and crafts classes for V.I.G.s where amongst other lessons in creativity we show V.I.G.s how to fold origami paper boats. Later we release them into our creek for a thrilling boat race. During the school holidays we also offer seasonal drama and performance classes for V.I.Gs which are run by professional actors from Enfiniti Academy.

starlit sleepovers

For young glampers wanting their first taste of sleeping outdoors in “the wilderness”, we have teepees, tents and sleeping bags for hire. We will help children pitch their tents and revel in a pyjama party like no other with siblings and friends before falling asleep to the purest scents and sounds of nature at night.